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Direct marketing & Brand Activation

Direct marketing is concerned with establishing an individual relationship between the business offering a product or service and the final customer.
Direct Marketing: Selling through targeted contact with an existing or prospective customer, direct marketing enables direct marketing consultants to create programs which will obtain a measurable response from their marketing efforts. Direct marketing solutions are dependent upon the utilization of databases, mail, and email lists.

Direct marketing services are personalized towards the potential customer utilizing the information the direct marketing consultants obtain. Direct marketing services also utilize responses from the potential customers in the form of a purchase, an inquiry, or a referral.

While direct marketing solutions are used by many businesses. While usually identified with direct mail, direct marketing consultants have expanded their direct marketing services to include email offers, door-to-door selling, telemarketing, package inserts, etc.

Smart makes use of its combined and varied expertise to design nationwide programes that blend branding and sales, taking into account all the impotant factors of the Vietnam market place

The process of direct marketing & sale promotion covers a wide range of promotional activities you may be familiar with. Smart Marketing Solutions provides several services to help improving your business:

1. Sampling

The most effective sampling programs are executed face-to-face by experienced, professionally trained personnel who know how to represent your brand.
Product sampling can reach an extremely large Consumer, or can be extremely targeted, depending on your goals. Colleges are perfect examples of a targeted environment. In fact, collegiate sampling campaigns are almost always successful. 
  • Promote your product in front of potential customers
  • Create brand awareness
  • Immediate impact on sales
  • Full sampling service available
  • Tailored to clients individual requirements  

Smart Marketing Solutions builds sampling programs that put your brand in the hands of your target audience. Our Smart® database can identify the best places to find your consumers—whether its city centers, beaches, transportation hubs, colleges, parks, office buildings or special events.
Smart sampling staff will exemplify the profile of your brand and our logistics department will ensure meticulous inventory management and control. We are aware of the need for strict security measures where sampling operations are concerned, and instigate extensive operational controls both in-house and on location.
2. Promotion selling
Looking for what works?                        
Trying to figure out what tactics are available?
Do you know what types of objectives are best met with specific tactics?
Is there a 'Promotional Tactic/Technique' guideline that one can follow?
In most cases, promotions need to respond to both consumer and trade objectives in order to be successful.  Without Trade support, the consumer promotion may never be effective.
Here are some of the objectives that your Strategic Promotion Plan has identified as crucial to achieving your overall Brand marketing objectives.

The seven primary Consumer sales promotion objectives are: 

 Reach New Users
 Hold Current Users
 Load Current Users
 Increase Product Usage
 Trade Consumers Up
 Reinforce Brand Advertising
 Introduce Products 

For the Trade, sales promotion objectives include:

 Gain New Distribution
 Obtain Support for Consumer Promotions
 Build (or reduce) Trade Inventories
 Improve Trade Relations

There are basic sales promotion tactics or that can be used to achieve your promotional objectives.
3. Demonstration
Smart Marketing Solutions devises unique in-store demonstrations that emphasize the key messages of your brand and educates consumers about the benefits. Our programs are designed to increase sales and serve as a valuable tool for your sales force.
  • Create interest in your product or service
  • Face to face is effective
  • Influence buying decisions
  • Experienced demonstrators available

4. Direct mail

We manage clients' direct mail campaigns and provide independent solutions to specific client requirements.
Direct Mail Defined: selling through contact with an existing or prospective customer, direct mail marketing posts communication directly to the recipient. It is designed to achieve a response whether it is a sale, donation, or inquiry.
Direct mail strategies may include letters, brochures, fliers, catalogs, circulars, postcards, and other printed material sent through mail, and allows specific markets to be pinpointed with precise selectivity.
The results of direct mail can easily be measured in terms of cost-per-order or cost-per response. Advantages from using direct mail marketing strategies are that variations in the offer and package can be tested, there are few limitations in terms of content and format, and virtually any business can implement a campaign.

5. Trade show/ Consumer show/Road show/ Event
Smart Marketing Solutions event programs that make your brand the star from sponsorships to sampling to on-site demonstrations, Smart maximizes your exposure and your investment. We create custom events for store or corporate needs. Our massive event database and extensive venue relationships also provide unparalleled leverage for your program. We make sure these activities are carried out in a timely and efficient manner.
Trade show marketing: a method of promoting a business through the exhibition of goods and services, trade show marketing is generally conducted in an environment where exhibitors rents display space. Trade show marketing may also be conducted at seminars and lectures based where new concepts are presented and ideas exchanged.
Trade show marketing enables the company to meet a large number of potential clients face to face. Trade show marketing helps make an impression upon a target audience in a setting where many of the attendees are primed to conduct business.
Event Promotions: implementing various activities to create awareness, event promotions can include the promotion of conferences, seminars, workshops, corporate launches, fashion shows, exhibitions, road shows, theater productions, concerts, and other activities where audiences are found.
Event promotions do not just happen. They require careful planning and attention to detail, including every aspect from logistics to strategic planning, public relations, sponsorship development, etc.
What are road shows?
They are means used in field marketing, event marketing and communication. They are mobile in space and time.
Road show events use different type of truck, van, bus or trailer according to the object of the Road show.
The main activities covered by road show events are product launch, exhibition, service presentation, product test, promotion, sport activity, information campaign, public communication, training course, cultural occurrence, fund raising for charity, and sampling.
At the business to business level it is a face to face concept. People meet people.
At the business to consumer level, the consumer is in real touch with the products or services.

Ideas for event promotions may include obtaining a list of targeted participants, distributing promotional items, placing alternative advertising throughout targeted areas, radio/television/ newspaper/ banner hanger announcements, assembling volunteers to spread the word, developing co-sponsorships, and much more.

We work with you to make your event a success by implementing numerous marketing activities designed to create awareness of your new product launch, road show, or any event you want to be a hit.

6. Coupon & Redemption
Coupons in every size and flavor

Smart extensive experience with coupons has given us the opportunity to develop flexible and effective ways of handling all types of consumer discount coupons.
Smart also regularly develops new concepts for our clients. To find out more, please speak with one of our advisors.

Doing things the Smart way

Innovation is a fundamental part of the Smart approach to business. The procedures we've developed allow us to accelerate coupon-handling time so you get faster results with lower costs.
Smart’s innovative techniques also allow us to drastically reduce the rate of misredemption related to discount coupon promotions. We're also proud to say that our clients report considerable increases in returns on their promotions with us.

7. Merchandising
Merchandisers represent the client retailer by presenting the product in the shops, by maintaining communication and developing relationships with the shop personnel.
  • One of the most effective services available to brand and retail marketers
  • Communicates the brand message at the point of purchase
  • Point of Sale materials sited correctly increasing visibility
  • Planning and reporting to support each campaign
Merchandisers should ultimately make an impact on sales in each shop by ensuring the retail products and placement offer the best presentation to the customer, maximizing communication in the shop and providing appropriate feedback to the to the retailer.
8. Outlet performance monitoring
Smart retail services effectively monitor retail trends in Vietnam all trade channels and in more than 20 product categories. This coverage, combined with extensive proprietary retail databases and analytical software tools, allows Smart to incorporate specific client needs in the design and delivery of retail research.
  • Complete, accurate detailed information and feedback
  • Checking and recording what is found in outlets
  • Check on distribution positioning and placement of products
  • Planogram adherence and much more
With solutions that monitor sales and distribution measures of product performance, our clients are able to maintain a proactive approach in their strategic planning and tactical decision making. These services include:
Retail Census - a complete count of all retail outlets in the key commercial cities in each market across Vietnam.
Retail Audits - provide continuous detailed monitoring of sales performance indicators such as market share, distribution, stock in retail environment.
9. Mystery shopping
What is Mystery Shopping?
Mystery shopping as: “The use of individuals trained to observe experience and measure the customer service process by acting as a prospective customer and undertaking a series of pre-determined tasks”.
  • Large part of the market research industry
  • Accurate and detailed information
  • Ensure your product or service is being presented in the best possible way
  • Mystery shoppers recruited from all walks of life
Secret shoppers are people who visit businesses posing as customers, evaluate the service they receive, and complete an evaluation form. Business owners and managers use these reports to insure their employees are practicing good selling techniques and providing quality service to their customers.
There are a number of techniques used as part of a mystery shopping research programmed:
     * Customer service evaluations
     * Mystery shop audits
     * Exit interviews
     * Incentive based shops
     * Integrity shops
Smart shoppers are trained to observe areas of customer service which may sometimes be overlooked by business owners.  Our shoppers work to clearly defined briefs designed to “see what you don't”.
Our extensive database of expert shoppers come from all walks of life and can easily blend into any scenario suitable to your business needs.  The shoppers to measure service and sales standards and provide prompt and efficient feedback through our reporting systems.
 10. Trade Fair Operation
  • Live people to people sales/service events
  • Great way to increase sales/service
  • Excellent platform to meet new potential customers
  • Hard work, rewarding and fun

List of services offered by Smart Fieldwork in:
Promotion selling
Direct mail
Trade show/ Consumer show
Roadshow/ Event
Loyalty program
Coupon & Redemption
Outlet performance monitoring
Mystery shopping
Trade Fair Operation

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